Team Leaders in the Pacific NW – Take a Time Out for Yourself!

IMG_8155As a leader of a culturally diverse team, charged with delivering outstanding results on increasingly ambitious projects, you know that it’s important to step back once in a while and take a time out for yourself: to reflect, refocus, and reenergize for the challenges ahead. It’s important for you, it’s important for the teams that you lead, and it’s important for the future success of your organization.

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. this Fall, and you’re ready to consider a time-out for yourself, we would love to invite you to consider these local opportunities:

The 2014 SIETAR-USA Conference, October 22-25th in Portland, Oregon

Insights Deeper Discovery Workshops, November 14th and December 5th in Portland, and November 8th in Bend, Oregon

The 2014 SIETAR-USA Conference

Pioneering Intercultural Leadership: from Awareness to Action

The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR-USA) is an organization that brings together people from many different backgrounds to explore how culture plays a role in their work and daily life. The annual conference provides an opportunity for these individuals to learn from, and with, others in a way that increases participants’ understanding, skills, and knowledge of the field of intercultural relations.

As a native Oregonian and long-time SIETAR-USA board member, I could not be more excited to welcome my colleagues and friends from throughout the Intercultural field to Portland, and share this opportunity to learn from the best with our local community.

The entire program is outstanding, and there are some specific sessions that I think will be especially relevant for leaders of culturally diverse teams in organizations:

1. Half-Day Master Workshops on Wednesday, October 22nd: take a close look at the descriptions for the morning workshops on Leading Ethically Across Cultures in the “Human Age” with
Michael Tucker and Alan Richter and The Neuroscience of Inclusion with Shannon Murphy Robinson, as well as the afternoon workshop led by our very own local leader of the Intercultural Communication Institute, Janet Bennett, on the topic of Intercultural Competence for Global Leadership: Seeing with Soft Eyes.

2. Opening Keynote Address on Thursday, October 23rd: with Paula Caligiuri, author of Cultural Agility:  Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals (2012)

3. Workshops throughout the conference:  the workshop sessions include a wide range of intercultural topics, with presenters from around the world and our own Pacific NW backyard. Browse through the schedule to decide which days will be most relevant for you at this moment in your career, or register for the entire conference to make the most of this opportunity.

Insights Deeper Discovery Workshops

Life, career, and business breakthroughs

For busy team leaders, these one-day workshops are highly engaging, productive, fun days of learning and self-discovery that have the potential to transform your approach to life and work. I’m collaborating with my colleague and friend, Deb Weekley, to bring these workshops to the Pacific NW for the first time.  We’re having a blast and would love to have you join the fun, if you’re ready to:

– Take time out for yourself, to focus on your own personal and professional development

– Explore your true potential, develop deeper levels of self-awareness, and consider your legacy (not just at the end of your career, but every time you leave the room!)

– Discover and practice new ways to articulate your strengths and hopes and the impact  you would like to make through your work and life

– Have fun and be part of a fun, engaging, insightful, memorable new experience with other cool, smart, fascinating people

Intrigued? Please check out the details and consider the possibilities at







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