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Whether you’re leading a small project team in your local office, or a virtual team of leaders scattered across the globe, we know that time is one of your most precious resources. You may really want to keep up with the latest management thinking, and maybe you would love to have easy access to resources that could help you lead your team even more effectively, but you’re busy. As much as you might like to scour the web for relevant articles, and read the latest leadership books, these tasks have a way of slipping further down your priority list as the days fly by.

If this sounds like you, I hope that you will keep reading a bit further, and choose the most convenient way to access the resources we offer that are of most interest to you.

I love to read and write, and to discover and share practical information and relevant resources with people like you who are leading teams, so you can focus on getting your important work done together – better, faster, and with more enjoyment.

This blog is one of my favorite ways to share insights, ideas, and inspiration with you in a timely way. If you would like to accept this invitation to follow the blog (look to your right to sign up), you can expect something new (nearly) every week. A few years ago, the focus of most posts was on cultural competence and communication, with an emphasis on issues that would be helpful to anyone living or working outside of their cultural comfort zone.

In 2015, our attention is shifting to team leadership, especially to topics and issues that are most relevant for leaders and members of diverse teams – people who are working across cultures, generations, personalities and time zones.

In addition to the blog, you’ll find a growing selection of books and articles in the Resources section of this website, curated with busy team leaders like you in mind. Bookmark this page and return here first when you’re looking for fresh ideas and inspiration for your team.

And please do let us know what challenges you’re facing, what issues are important to you, and what you would most like to read about here.

After all, this is for YOU.




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