The Art of Coming Home – Part Two – “Choose Learning”

Most people expect it to be difficult to adjust to living in a foreign country, so they prepare themselves and expect to experience some degree of culture shock. But most of us expect returning home to our own culture to be relatively easy. After ... Read More

Adjusting to Home Again (Every Time)

Yesterday was a "re-entry" day for me. Unpacking bags. Washing clothes. A little grocery shopping. Settling back in at home after 2 1/2 weeks away. Feeling jet-lagged, without even changing time zones. I travel a lot, so should probably be used to ... Read More

The Art of Coming Home

Our friendly UPS driver just dropped 25 more copies of Craig Storti's practical book, The Art of Coming Home, on my front porch.  For the 8th year in a row I look forward to giving this book to a group of people preparing to return home to their ... Read More