Feedback, criticism, and motivation across cultures

As a leader of a culturally-diverse team, have you ever been surprised by the reaction of a team member to your well-intended feedback? For example: Have your direct, constructive suggestions for improvement ever caused strong, negative ... Read More

This Blog’s for YOU

This website, too. Insights, ideas and inspiration for culturally diverse teams Whether you're leading a small project team in your local office, or a virtual team of leaders scattered across the globe, we know that time is one of your most ... Read More

Ready for Game Day

Today is game day. The college football national championship is on the line, and the Ducks from the University of Oregon are favored to win. Like so many of my fellow Oregonians, I've enjoyed following the ups and downs of this team as the 2014 ... Read More

Four simple steps to a strong start for your team in 2015 

Four simple steps to a strong start for your team in 2015 The new year is here and many of us are returning to work this week after a nice holiday break. If you've been offline for a week or two, it's tempting to jump back in with both feet and hit ... Read More

Team Leaders in the Pacific NW – Take a Time Out for Yourself!

As a leader of a culturally diverse team, charged with delivering outstanding results on increasingly ambitious projects, you know that it's important to step back once in a while and take a time out for yourself: to reflect, refocus, and reenergize ... Read More

Language. Conversation. Relationships. Three Common Challenges in Culturally Diverse Teams

In my experience leading, and working with clients who lead, culturally diverse teams I've noticed certain challenges that we all seem to share in common. Three of the challenges that I encounter and hear about most frequently relate to language, ... Read More

Ready to lead your high-performing team to new levels? Call a Time Out!

In your fast-paced role as a leader of a high-performing team, it may be hard to imagine that one of the secrets to achieving breakthrough team performance at work can be found in the pages of a typical sports coaches’ playbook:  Call a Team Time ... Read More

Team Leadership: Keeping track of the good stuff

Are you, like me, overwhelmed by all the information and cool resources at your fingertips on the web? Do you waste valuable time looking for reading materials that you know you downloaded, maybe even printed, to read later? There's no single ... Read More