Feedback, criticism, and motivation across cultures

As a leader of a culturally-diverse team, have you ever been surprised by the reaction of a team member to your well-intended feedback? For example: Have your direct, constructive suggestions for improvement ever caused strong, negative ... Read More

Team Leaders in the Pacific NW – Take a Time Out for Yourself!

As a leader of a culturally diverse team, charged with delivering outstanding results on increasingly ambitious projects, you know that it's important to step back once in a while and take a time out for yourself: to reflect, refocus, and reenergize ... Read More

Language. Conversation. Relationships. Three Common Challenges in Culturally Diverse Teams

In my experience leading, and working with clients who lead, culturally diverse teams I've noticed certain challenges that we all seem to share in common. Three of the challenges that I encounter and hear about most frequently relate to language, ... Read More

How do You Like your E-mails?

Short, sweet, direct + to the point? Warm and friendly, opening with a nice greeting and closing with a cheery good-bye? Or long, detailed, and packed full of data, facts and other useful information? Chances are that the way you typically ... Read More

Marketing is Intercultural Communication…

...and Intercultural Communication is Marketing. As Intercultural Professionals, my colleagues and I often think of marketing as something outside of our scope of expertise, not to mention our comfort zones. Marketing can seem bit mysterious, ... Read More

Graphic Facilitation: “I see what you mean…”

For years I've used Powerpoint and other visual presentation tools to explain complex concepts and connect emotionally with my students and workshop participants. I've used VisualsSpeak facilitation tools to help people in work teams learn more about ... Read More

The English Language Advantage

"You Americans, you have no idea how easy you have it! You get to use your native language at work every day." This comment took me by surprise, coming from a Scandinavian co-worker with, to my ears, excellent English-language skills. I tried to ... Read More

Making “small talk” in the American workplace

How do you start a casual, social conversation with an American co-worker? What kinds of topics are OK/not OK to talk about? How should I answer when someone asks "how was your weekend?" I've been hearing these questions often lately, in ... Read More