Staying Connected—in the same room, and across the ocean

"2010-The Year Technology Replaced Talking" This headline caught my attention when I was browsing through USA Today online this morning, and I wondered if the writers had been peeking in the windows of our house lately. Like most American ... Read More

Let’s get visible

This has been sort of a recurring theme in conversations with friends and colleagues in recent weeks. While planning for 2011, and brainstorming business ideas, the need to "get more visible" keeps coming up. As a relatively private person, ... Read More

I’ll take an “Incomplete”

Last week while I was reading and grading final assignments for the course I teach at a local university, an e-mail popped into my box from one of the students---a part-time student with a full time, demanding job. She explained that she was ... Read More

Just Write It!

It's time. For me. To write. To stop just talking about writing. Thinking about writing. Studying writing. Planning to write. Scheduling time to write. It's time. To write. It's time to step outside of my comfort zone and actually ... Read More