How do You Like your E-mails?

Short, sweet, direct + to the point? Warm and friendly, opening with a nice greeting and closing with a cheery good-bye? Or long, detailed, and packed full of data, facts and other useful information? Chances are that the way you typically ... Read More

Marketing is Intercultural Communication…

...and Intercultural Communication is Marketing. As Intercultural Professionals, my colleagues and I often think of marketing as something outside of our scope of expertise, not to mention our comfort zones. Marketing can seem bit mysterious, ... Read More

Making Dreams Come True

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed today, clicking through links to watch Martin Luther King Jr.'s "last speech," and reading his 1963 Letter from Birmingham Jail, I was inspired once again, not only by his eloquent words but by the words of my ... Read More

Reconnecting with Home

Looking back over the blog posts I've written in the past twelve months, more than a few things surprise me: First, and maybe most surprising, is that I actually kept my commitment to write and post something on this blog once a week. Some posts ... Read More

The Art of Coming Home – Part Two – “Choose Learning”

Most people expect it to be difficult to adjust to living in a foreign country, so they prepare themselves and expect to experience some degree of culture shock. But most of us expect returning home to our own culture to be relatively easy. After ... Read More

The Culture of Composting

This small plastic pail showed up in our driveway several weeks ago, along with a helpful step-by-step brochure titled "Include the Food: Your guide to successful food scrap collection." The new Portland Composts! program had apparently worked well ... Read More

“Closed Sundays” and the culture of convenience

The first time we ran out of milk on a Sunday while living in The Netherlands, our reaction was less than positive. All the stores were closed, as usual, and we were frustrated by the inconvenience. With a 3-year old at home, we didn't want to wait ... Read More

Culture Shock and The Yoga Effect

A few years ago I asked the graduate business students in my Intercultural Competence and Communication class to bring a copy or description of one of their favorite resources to share with their classmates: a book, article, film or website that had ... Read More

The Best Medicine

One of the nicest things our landlords gave us when we leased their home in Holland for a few years was a two page list of their favorite local places to eat and shop, along with the names and phone numbers of various English-speaking service/repair ... Read More

Unexpected connections. Unexpected inspirations.

I was in Minnesota for a few days last week with some of my SIETAR-USA colleagues, scouting the location for our 2012 national conference and strategizing about the future of our professional organization. There's something about the culture of ... Read More