Articles about Working in the United States

A collection of articles, curated by Ann Marie Lei, about topics that may be of interest to people from other countries about working in the United States and working with U.S. Americans. Colleagues from WHQ, especially those from the United States, ... Read More

Expats from Abroad: Six Steps for Effective Integration

Cornelius Grove and Willa Hallowell present a very indepth article detailing the processes of effective cultural integration by using examples of first hand accounts. ... Read More

17 Things That Change Forever When you Live Abroad

In the article, "17 Things That Change Forever When you Live Abroad", Angie Castells reminds us of all the amazing thing we learn and experience by living abroad. ... Read More

Re-entry Reality Stories

Cate Brubaker from Small Planet Studio has assembled a terrific set of re-entry stories. According to Catem re-entry is a gift! In fact, it’s an opportunity to relaunch yourself into your next great adventure and a global life you love ... Read More

Reverse Culture Shock – Going Forward, Not Back Home

Every time I work with people who are preparing to move home after an international assignment or study abroad opportunity, I remember what my good friend, Juliet, says about the common experience of reverse culture shock. She reminds me that it is ... Read More

Language. Conversation. Relationships. Three Common Challenges in Culturally Diverse Teams

In my experience leading, and working with clients who lead, culturally diverse teams I've noticed certain challenges that we all seem to share in common. Three of the challenges that I encounter and hear about most frequently relate to language, ... Read More

Ready to lead your high-performing team to new levels? Call a Time Out!

In your fast-paced role as a leader of a high-performing team, it may be hard to imagine that one of the secrets to achieving breakthrough team performance at work can be found in the pages of a typical sports coaches’ playbook:  Call a Team Time ... Read More

A Model of Culture Shock by Michelle Barker

The process of culture shock can be illustrated by a model known as the “W” curve. This model may not relate to your experience or only partially. Sometimes the process is faster or slower. Many people go through different phases of the process of ... Read More

Team Leadership: Keeping track of the good stuff

Are you, like me, overwhelmed by all the information and cool resources at your fingertips on the web? Do you waste valuable time looking for reading materials that you know you downloaded, maybe even printed, to read later? There's no single ... Read More

Finding your Place

More than once during this graduation weekend at Whitman College, my parents commented that "this place was tailor-made for our Katie." This campus, these trees, this amazing rock-climbing gym, and this rigorous, casual learning environment, where ... Read More