Insights Discovery Foundation Program for Teams

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Insights® Discovery Foundation Program for Teams

Who? Intact work teams, from 8 – 24 people

What? The introduction to the Insights Discovery learning systems. Includes the online Insights Discovery Evaluator, a Personal Profile, Workshop Journal: Beginning the Journey, foam blocks, team wheel, handouts, and participation in a team workshop.

Why? Team members understand themselves and their colleagues better, improve their interactions and team dynamics, have fun together and, ultimately, boost team performance.

How? After completing the online Insights Discovery Evaluator, team members participate together in an engaging, memorable, highly productive 4 – 6 hour workshop, leveraging their Personal Profiles and other workshop materials.
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What’s next?

To continue your team’s journey to high performance, we have several options, including our Team Effectiveness Series, Insights Deeper Discovery workshops for individuals or teams, and more.