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Screenshot 2015-01-06 11.39.49For Teams

Insights® Discovery Foundation Program for Teams

If you’re leading a new team, integrating a new leader (you!) or new members in to your team, or simply looking for an opportunity to pull your team together to reconnect, build trust, and improve communication, this is the program with which to start.

Insights® Discovery Team Effectiveness Series

If you’re ready to collaborate on a longer-term approach, to develop a truly high-performing team, we have several options to explore together.

For Leaders

Insights® Deeper Discovery Workshops

These 1-day workshops, offered in collaboration with Debra Weekley and IlluminationNW, are for leaders who want to:

  • Take time out for yourself, to focus on your own personal and professional development
  • Explore your true potential, develop deeper levels of self-awareness, and consider your legacy (not just at the end of your career, but every time you leave the room)
  • Discover and practice new ways to articulate your strengths and hopes and the impact  you would like to make through your work and life
  • Have fun and be part of a fun, engaging, insightful, memorable new experience with other cool, smart, fascinating people

Visit the IlluminationNW website to learn more, or register for one of our current offerings in Portland, Oregon in 2015.

Insights® Discovering Leadership Effectiveness Programs