Case Studies

One of the best ways to imagine the possibilities for your own situation is to hear about how other people have succeeded in similar circumstances.


Nike de Mexico
Marketing Team Effectiveness Program
August 2003-2006

Lille Catholic University, Lille, France
Winter Institute for Intercultural Communication
Cultural Competency Program
January 2001-January 2006

Product Creation Immersion (PCI) Program
August 2003-present

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service
Cultural Competency Program
April 2005

Feedback, criticism, and motivation across cultures

As a leader of a culturally-diverse team, have you ever been surprised by the reaction of a team member to your well-intended feedback? For ... Read More

This Blog’s for YOU

This website, too. Insights, ideas and inspiration for culturally diverse teams Whether you're leading a small project team in your local office, or ... Read More

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