Ann Marie Lei

I have always believed that a group of people working together, each offering their unique talents and styles, can accomplish more than any one person can accomplish alone. I believe that in most groups, the skills, perspectives and knowledge that are needed to achieve something great, already exist in abundance. The magic happens when someone recognizes and figures out how to tap into what is already there, and leverage it towards a meaningful common purpose.

Running on the cross-country team in high school, working as a member of the support team for Nike Promo during the 1984 Olympic Games, leading innovative advertising and retail merchandising programs for Nike in Europe, and leading virtual conference planning efforts for a non-profit association in the United States. All of these experiences have reinforced and solidified my core beliefs about the power and potential of diverse teams.

Today, I work with leaders in international organizations who are responsible for ambitious, high-stakes initiatives that require a team effort to succeed, and require everyone on the team to collaborate and challenge each other to perform at new levels.

Together, we create experiences that snap team members out of their normal way of operating, strengthen interpersonal connections, provide timely and relevant learning opportunities, and help everyone see and commit to a clear path to success together.