Archives for March 2014

How People from Different Cultures Expect to Learn

Very informative article from Cornelius N. Grove, Ed.D. outlining the different ways in which people learn. (in pdf format). ... Read More

Intercultural Communication at Work

A collection of articles, curated by Ann Marie Lei, about useful topics for anyone working and communicating across cultural and/or language barriers in the global workplace. ... Read More

Asian Assignees with American Coworkers

In this article, Cornelius Grove, Willa Hallowell and Reiko Makiuchi discuss the predictable problems as well as the potential solutions for Asian professionals who come to the United States on expatriate assignments. ... Read More

Seven Balancing Acts of Professional Behavior in the United States

Navigating workplace cultures in the U.S. can be tricky business. In this article Cornelius Grove and Willa Hallowell discuss seven contrasting sets of cultural values at play in work-related situations in the United States. ... Read More

The Values Americans Live By

Most Americans would have a difficult time telling you, specifically, what the values are that Americans live by. In this article L. Robert Kohls breaks this down to 13 core "American" values. ... Read More

Articles about Working in the United States

A collection of articles, curated by Ann Marie Lei, about topics that may be of interest to people from other countries about working in the United States and working with U.S. Americans. Colleagues from WHQ, especially those from the United States, ... Read More

Expats from Abroad: Six Steps for Effective Integration

Cornelius Grove and Willa Hallowell present a very indepth article detailing the processes of effective cultural integration by using examples of first hand accounts. ... Read More

17 Things That Change Forever When you Live Abroad

In the article, "17 Things That Change Forever When you Live Abroad", Angie Castells reminds us of all the amazing thing we learn and experience by living abroad. ... Read More

Re-entry Reality Stories

Cate Brubaker from Small Planet Studio has assembled a terrific set of re-entry stories. According to Catem re-entry is a gift! In fact, it’s an opportunity to relaunch yourself into your next great adventure and a global life you love ... Read More