Archives for March 2011

What’s your Vacation Style?

In our intercultural work we pay a lot of attention to different styles: communication styles, personality styles, conflict-resolution, decision-making, leadership and management styles. We help people understand their own preferred styles and the ... Read More

The Power and Comfort of our Social Networks

I resisted joining Facebook a few years ago, thinking it wasn't for me. Too public. Too young. Too frivolous. A waste of time. I didn't see the point. But I joined because a favorite client asked me to. He invited me to connect and ... Read More

The Art of Coming Home

Our friendly UPS driver just dropped 25 more copies of Craig Storti's practical book, The Art of Coming Home, on my front porch.  For the 8th year in a row I look forward to giving this book to a group of people preparing to return home to their ... Read More