Archives for February 2011

Ready or not…

The first time I leapt from a tall tree I was in Mexico, somewhere in the hills outside of Monterrey. After climbing a 30-foot ladder and stepping out onto a tiny metal platform, with all the proper safety equipment and ropes and professional guides, ... Read More

Intense and Alive

When we lived in Holland several years ago friends from home would ask what it was like. They usually assumed it must be great---one adventure after another---and in many ways it was. But the pre-move advice from a more experienced expat, to be aware ... Read More

“I am curious…”

...three words that can make all the difference. There are so many things to learn, so many ways we can make mistakes, misunderstand each other, and be misunderstood when we're living and working outside of our cultural comfort zones. And there ... Read More

What’s school got to do with it?

How do the patterns we learned in the classroom as kids keep showing up in our adult lives at work---in our meetings, team projects, and relationships with managers and colleagues? Several years ago I participated in a very fun and enlightening ... Read More